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No comic on Friday due to injury

Folks, I've taken a bit of a spill on my bike, and I've hurt my wrist. It's my left wrist, so my drawing hand is fine, but I can't do the computer work properly, and I would rather not hurt myself more trying to finish the next Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan episode with this unexpected handicap. Also going to the studio with a damaged bike and reduced steering ability in the worst frost in years doesn't appeal to me much.
I expect it will be all right in a day or so. In fact, it wasn't immediately painful so I suspect it's my body's own cleanup work that's generating the pain, not the injury itself. I have now belatedly packed the wrist in ...er... snow from the back yard and will spend the evening holed up with a shiny Richard Thompson DVD I bought a few days ago. ROCR will be back on Monday.


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