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Wrist and comic update

The wrist is feeling better. I have considered seeing my doctor but as there's no visible swelling or bruising, and I can sort of use it again already, I don't feel like bothering him. However, now that the pain in the wrist is subsiding, I'm noticing more how sore other parts of my body are, most noticeably the area of one rib. Also, my wallet hurts from the repairs to the Koga Myiata. The repairs have made the Koga a very happy bike indeed, so it's not a waste of money.

I have been able to do some drawing work, despite being sore and a bit uncoordinated. Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan will update 5 times next week and the week after that.

The story that will run then will be the last of the nitpick stories. It will answer two questions from the two nitpick threads on the message boards. Once that is done, I will answer the remaining nitpicks as best I can, in writing, on the threads themselves. It's been fun but like many things that I've tried lately, it's taken much more time than originally intended.
Once the story's done, we'll start one guest-written by Adam with help from both Jeroen and Timmerryn! Yes, the other, less prominent writers on this blog are also an artistic partnership. Geir, who is our silent blogger (because he forgets his password) has had some editorial input as well.


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