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No, no, no! It says "Professional Webcomics" in the Modern Tales' tagline!

Dude, where's my eyefork? This just won't do! This panel, which I drew for Tuesday's comic and proceeded to color and letter despite being well aware of its shortcomings, offends the eye in so many ways that I can't in good conscience put it on a site that claims to put out professional webcomics. From the broken perspective, the countless "tangents" (points where lines from different elements in the compositon touch and interfere with one another), the chaos of the colors, the size inconsistency between the figures and the overall lack of focus in the composition, this is an object lesson in how not to draw. I can put up with some faults in a drawing, because I'm frankly not a terribly skilled artist, and so I will tolerate the faults in the other panels, but I will not stand for this.

You may wonder why I put this image on the blog then. Simple: if I let myself draw like this, and nearly sink as low as to publish this crap as part of the comic, I deserve to be chewed out in public for it, and as I'm my own boss, there's no one else to do it. So this is really my boss (me) telling his wayward, lazy, incompetent employee (me) that if the comic goes live on Tuesday with this lousy panel in it, the employee will be fired.

Yes, maybe I would benefit from T Campbell's more hands-on editorial approach as opposed to Joey Manley's more relaxed (out of necessity; he's got his hands full) stance. The thought had crossed my mind, to be honest. I kind of like being left to my own devices but clearly my standards have slipped.

My accident last Thursday is no excuse either. I may have been reeling from it a bit, and distracted by the pain in various places, but the appropriate response to that would have been for me-the-human-resources-guy to tell me-the-boss that me-the-employee is a bit sicker than he thought for whatever reason and shouldn't be spending (wasting) his energy drawing, because me-the-quality-assurance-department would make me-the-employee do the work over again anyway. Then me-the-boss could have planned for that, make the appropriate announcements, etc, etc.

I have a lot to do next week. Nevertheless, I will put out a version of the comic with the panel above re-drawn, at the scheduled time, or else I will not be fit to call myself a cartoonist. Mark my words.

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