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The Agonizer and its potential uses

I read this interesting discussion on a new weapon the US military is funding the develepment of on Obsidian Wings. It is designed to incapacitate the enemy by causing him excruciating pain. I made a mental note to write a post saying that I was undecided yet on the issue, that on the one hand such a weapon would probably be better than a lethal weapon; but on the other hand such a weapon would be used in situations where otherwise a lethal weapon would not be used, it could be put to use torturing prisoners, and that I didn't exactly trust the current US administration to use it responsibly. You know, a reeeeeaaasonable post urging you to read the OW piece including its comments and make up your own mind on this.

Then I was reminded of the scum who toyed with the lives of cancer sufferers in the name of Christianity, and I thought, screw it, I want one of those babies so I can shove it in the face of Stephen Green and all those other lowlifes at Christian Voice. I'm sure I'll like his face more when it's contorted in a rictus of exquisite agony.

So, the Agonizer. My tentative position is that I'm for it, and I want one. Travis was always the second coolest guy in Blake's Seven, anyway, and he had one (no one is as cool as Kerr Avon, so I'll settle for being as cool as Travis).


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