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More on site tech problems

There is a recurring problem with files not showing up at update time on rocr.net. I think the problem actually occurs when they are transferred to the ftp server. Unlike at my other locations, I have to be very careful to check that the files that end up on the Keenspace server have the same file size as the ones that are on the local disk. If not, I must re-upload them.
That is, I think that is the problem. If I find that an image hasn't shown up when I check in the morning, I don't check to see if the file has been truncated; I download it from a location where it does work, and re-upload it to Keenspace. It's a drag, and it shouldn't have to be like that, but that's all the time I can afford to spend on it. But I'll take some time to report the problem to the admins. Soon. Any day now. Gotta rush to a dental appointment first.


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