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Good heavens!

The Pantheon has a new index page! Now you can almost see the comic when you first enter the site. :)

Twill be a bit of a shock to all of ye who grew used to the old format over the years..

And speaking of old formats, the pencil colouring is back. Oh, at last! I hear you cry. At least, I think you do. The scanner didn't like it very much, though, it turned all the palest bits into white and did odd things to the sky.

And Jeroen finally got into my brain and made me see the Comic Sans Invasion Of The Universe and I decided I wouldn't use it any more. So my new font is One Stroke Script LET.
I dunno where fonts come from, I think every time you install a new program it brings its fonts with it, because every time I open Word it has a new font in it I would swear wasn't there yesterday..


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