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The case for Blair?

The Waffler channels the Bull Moose and talks about himself in the third person.
The Waffler casts his gaze across the channel and wonders who the people who still support the Rose are.

Damn, this is actually harder than it looks. Let's try again. I've been pondering the upcoming British elections, and there seems to be a big gap in my knowledge of British politics. I've only studied them for twenty or so years, so that's to be expected.
I don't have time to hunt for links right now, but the consensus of just about all British blogs I read, none of which are particularly hard left or anything, is that:
1) Blair is awful; and
2) The Labour party is still going to win, giving Blair a third term.

There are good negative reasons for this: enough people don't want the Conservative party back under any circumstances, and this includes a fair number of right-leaning folks who just don't like to be ruled by those people. I could let myself get sidetracked by the sociology behind this, but let's not - I want to talk about the Labour party here.
Another reason is apathy - the feeling that either it's all the same or that the electoral swing (both nationally and at the constituency level) needed to oust the Labour party is so unfeasibly large that there's no point in even trying.
Nevertheless, Labour couldn't win this election without a significant number of people showing up and ... uhm, what do British people do to cast their vote? Probably something daft and traditional like painting a fox tail red if they want to vote Labour, blue for Conservative and Green for Lib Dem (in the absense of a significant Green Party presence, of course); smaller parties would have to make do with various polka-dotted color schemes.
Ahem. Labour couldn't win this election without lots of people showing up and casting their vote for a Labour candidate. And I just don't hear from people in the Britblogosphere who are willing to do that. This is very different from the US elections where Bush voters ranging from the reluctant to the overenthusiastic would just come out of the woodwork and tell you who they voted for and why.
So, who's voting Labour, and why? Answers on a postcard to reinder@despammed.com (may be published in lieu of comments)


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