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What a difference colour can make

I spent much of last year exploring opportunities for re-use of old drawings (and I'm doing it again now for the purpose of creating banner ads) But Stephen Crowley of the naturist comic Loxie and Zoot has just proven himself a master at this. Compare and contrast:

Loxie and Zoot, October 25, 2004
Loxie and Zoot, March 15, 2005

It's amazing how much difference you can make by taking an old page and just adding different colours and new word balloons! It's lazy, but lazy in an interesting, instructive way. I hope he gets to put a few more remixed, revamped pages in there.

There's an emerging tradition in the webcomics world, started by Websnark, to reward outstanding performances with baked goodies. I don't have any biscuits right now, but for taking the lessons of the remix era to heart, Stephen gets a waffle. A vegan one, for him.

Mmm, tasty, tasty waffle.


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