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Hardware trouble at home

My six-year-old CRT monitor has finally decided it doesn't want to switch on anymore. Right now, I'm using an even older monitor that still works, for a given definition of "work". It hurts my eyes to look at it, so I'll have to replace the monitor as soon as I can. I've been preparing for this for some time, so it's not a really major problem, and it certainly won't stop work on my comics.
Once again, though, I am turning to you to ask for advice. I've been looking into LCD monitors, but while I'd like to replace the space-hogging old monitor with something leaner, I'm not sure they're worth the price differential that still exists between LCD and even good CRT monitors. And I wonder if I won't run into a whole bunch of linux support problems (it seems SuSE 9.0 came with drivers for some flatscreens, but not many of them). So for someone who uses linux at home, doesn't care much about gaming, but does want to be able to create colour art on the machine should the mood strike him, what do you recommend? I have some money set aside for this, but not a huge amount.

I think monitors are more generic than most other pieces of computer hardware, and that an LCD monitor that isn't directly supported would probably work with a bit of tweaking, but I'm not so sure about that that I'm just going to plunk down Euro and (more importantly) spend time on the first monitor that catches my fancy. Information on the internets has been disappointingly rare (plus unfamiliar web sites are a pain to browse on the monitor I am using now).

By the way, that sound card I bought two months ago? It's still in the box. I haven't had a solid block of time to spare for it since then. I was hoping I'd be able to install it during those two weeks off, but they're already getting eaten at all ends.

Answers and recommendations to reinder@despammed.com or to the Forum.

Update: Okay... I've gone and bought a new monitor. Against the expert advice of reader Mithandir, I've opted for an off-the-shelf TFT monitor.

Mithandir argued that unless you got a really good TFT screen, you'd have problems with the color accuracy and contrasts that you wouldn't get with a CRT costing much less. This would have clinched the argument in favour of a CRT if it had been the studio monitor that broke down, but as I thought about it, I realised that

a) I really didn't want to have another big heavy monstrosity to drag onto my computer desk (which is ancient and might well collapse under its weight)

b) any screen would be better than the old home screen considering the state it was in by the time it gave out. It was dark.

c) I could experiment with a TFT at home and then make a more informed decision about the studio screen by the time that breaks down (which is imminent).

So I got a relatively cheap Sony TFT screen. I'm seeing the leaf backgrounds in Mithandir's site for the first time, validating point b). I have already decided that the screen is usable but will take some adjusting and getting used to, validating point c). And I took it home on my bike, validating point a), the most important one.

My idea for the studio is that we should go with CRT for that if it breaks down in the next few months, but might want to try a top-of-the-line TFT if the old one lasts longer for technology and/or our income position to improve (subscribe to Modern Tales! It makes me happy!) and/or I've got used to working with the backlit brightness that I've got now.


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