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Courtly Manners 2

Courtly Manners #2 has started. In this sequel to the story of Kel and Krakatoa's introduction at the Witch Queen's court, we find our young witches again invited to the court, to the chagrin of one and the excietment of another. But how can this be? After last year's mishaps, how could the Queen invite them again, and personally this time? As it turns out, someone has a nefarious!!! purpose!!! in inviting the two!!!
Courtly Manners # 2 was written by Geir Strøm of White House in Orbit, Belle and The Eye of the Underworld, among many other things. It's always a pleasure for me to work with Geir, and I wish I could spare more time to draw his scripts. He's completed another Courtly Manners story and several others.
Like the first series, Courtly Manners #2 comes with epic poetry by Timmerryn (coming soon - expect a slight lag between each published episode of the series and the arrival of the epic poetry).


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