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Monitors, continued

Using the new monitor at home has been a bit of a shock. Everything has colours all of a sudden! Bright ones. This has made me realise that the monitor I work with at the studio is, not to put too fine a point on it, appalling. Not quite as bad as the old home monitor was, but bad enough to affect the quality of my output on the web. I couldn't tell black from gray on either the old home monitor or the studio monitor and it shows in recently scanned art where lettering is added in grey (56,56,56) instead of black, or banner graphics where a lightish gray block has been "corrected" with spots of black.
This will not do. The monitor advice thread is still open; if you are a cartoonist, illustrator or graphic designer and have recommendations for a new monitor, please post.
Of course, we will have to find a way to pay for a new monitor. I will have to make time for commissioned art and illustration jobs. That will take a while to prepare because I've just come out of two years of nearly-uninterrupted comics work taking its toll, and there's a lot to do before I can fill up my calendar again. But in the mean time, I will plug one of my revenue sources a bit harder. The Modern Tales house ads on ROCR.net don't pay directly but hopefully they'll entice some people to subscribe to one or more of the sites. If you like Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan, Courtly Manners or any of my other comic strips, you will love the over 800 episodes archived on Modern Tales which also houses Jeroen's Shadow project. Meanwhile, Adam and Timmerryn's Dangerous and Fluffy can be enjoyed in all its farmery superhero goodness at Graphic Smash which has become my favourite comics site thanks to T Campbell's great hand at picking interesting artists who make exciting, unpretentious webcomics. Your subscription money pays for our tools! And put food in our babies' mouths, because all of us have lots of babies.


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