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The Doctor is back!

Just caught the new series of Dr. Who on the BBC. I've always loved the character of Dr. Who and his charming, but eccentric and weird ways. I mostly remember the series with Tom Barker and Peter Davison, so I guess that makes me biased. I either never really got into any of the others, or simply never got the chance to see them. I must say, I quite liked Christopher Eccleston: His manners seem to me a mix between Barker and Davison, with enough quirks of his own to make his mark.
I feared beforehand Dr. Who in this day and age would suffer from too good special effects, that the cardboard-y feel would be lost. The makers, willingly or not, did a splendid job, however, in creating that crappy '70's feel. And I do mean that in a positive way!
Some special effects were actually flashy high-tech, but those where generally filmed from such bad angles so it didn't disturb the feel too much. The acting by secondary characters was quite bad, and the dialogue in some scenes quite stupid. Also the way of story telling was as it should: the writers assume (correctly in my opinion) that todays audience knows how stories are told, and therefor can leave out all those nasty details that make a story plausible. Series like Dr. Who don't need that, they need interesting plot twists and witty dialogue, and I see enough of this in the new series that I'm looking forward to the next episode.
Link to the BBC Dr. Who site, where among other things, you can download the sound of the Tardis.


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