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Well, by rights I shouldn't have seen the new Doctor Who yet, coz it probably has to run in the UK before the ABC's allowed to get its mits on it..

But I have, because of Naughtiness. The Fuzzyball and I watched it the other night.

After, I might add, we had watched The Curse of Fatal Death, that he'd acquired at the same time. If you haven't heard of this, it's a lovely Doctor Who spoof, done for the charity Comic Relief (like those little Harry Potter school books you can get).
It starts off with Rowan Atkinson as the Doctor and Jonathan Pryce as the Master, but when we first saw him, we would have sworn it was Roger Delgado, the Master in the Jon Pertwee years. A bit of research revealed the latter had been dead for some time and, after all, how could he manage to look exactly the same 30 years later, when I'd recently seen Tom Baker on Monarch of the Glen looking extremely venerable...

Anyway, the Master enlists the aid of the Daleks to destroy the Doctor once and for all, but one of their important pieces of destructive machinery gets buggered up, and only the Doctor can stop it from exploding. But it zaps him while he's trying to fix it, and he goes through about four incarnations while trying, a who's Who of British actors (haha), Richard E Grant, Jim Broadbent and Hugh Grant (did I forget one?)..
I think I won't give away the ending. It's a great little program, anyway. :)

Now, on to New Who! I love it, it's written by the creator of Queer As Folk. And the new Doctor is a wee bit fanciable, too.
I feel a bit guilty, but they're rerunning the entire old series of Doctor Who here at the moment. I swore I was going to watch the whole thing, but it's on at a slightly inconvenient time (6pm) and it only goes for half an hour per episode, so you're just getting into it, and it stops.
So I loved this new version, where the whole story keeps going until it finishes. I also liked that the monster sequences, which were always so comical in the earlier series were actually scary and that the incidental music was actually atmospheric instead of weird and twangy. And that Rose was believable, instead of a sook like some of the girls in the earlier ones (honestly, were girls really *like* that in the sixties??)

Was great, anyway, must have more!

Only there will be only 13 episodes in this series, that doesn't seem like many. And will there be another one after this, and another? I hope so!


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