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Bride of the second cousin of technical difficulties

[UPDATE: April 4, 2005: The control panel in which artists can edit their archives is back up, but doesn't appear to function properly. I can add chapters but not new installments. It may be a while yet before I can restore the archives fully.]

[UPDATE: March 31, 2005: The sites aren't back up, but Joey Manley has informed cartoonists that the data up to January 28, 2005 has been saved. It may be possible to get to the more recent data. If not, cartoonists will have to re-enter two months worth of data, which may take them a while.
Before then, it will take a few days before the sites come back up, and Moderntales.com will be last for technical reasons that I won't go into now. You will see old material on the front page, and miss new material in the archives, until they've been re-entered.
Having to re-enter stuff would suck, but it wouldn't be a great disaster.
Practical consequences for Courtly Manners: there are updates in the queue at the free sites until Friday. Between Friday and the day Moderntales.com gets back up and is back up to date, I won't add new updates to the queue. It's difficult enough to keep the three different locations where the comic is uploaded in synch without having to deal with major technical problems on the most important one (the one that pays me money). After that, re-runs are a distinct possibility. ]

What happened less than a week ago with Keenspace is now happening with Modern Tales, where my subscription-based webcomic archives are housed. This may have longer-term consequences if the database is damaged. In that case I will have to reconfigure Courtly Manners and re-program the re-mastered episodes of the "Guðrún" archives.
Until then, look for the most recent Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan episodes (basically, anything I hadn't cleaned up yet) at ROCR.net and the latest Courtly Manners archives at the secret Courtly Manners site.
Normal service will be resumed ASAP.
Meanwhile, the Talk About Comics Forums are about to go registered-members-only, so that instead of a two-front war against spammers and DOSers we will only have to fight a single-front war against the DOSers. I prefered to have the forums as open as possible, but once again my ideals on this matter slammed into the brick wall of Reality. The Reality is that the trust-based Internet isn't working and that spammers, DOSers, trolls and hackers will destroy anything that isn't nailed down. Top Admin Joey Manley has decided that instead of deploying an army of unpaid volunteers to clean up after every dump taken on the forums, he will get rid of the pollution the simple and effective way. Doesn't cure my urge to go out and break some spammer fingers, but it will allow me to get on with productive work, so I won't object.


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