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Schlock Mercenary leaves Keenspot

I thought it looked different...
Schlock Mercenary has left Keenspot. Howard Tayler writes:

So why leave? Well, The Tayler Corporation has been plotting to take over the world since 1998. As aspiring global overlords, we here at Tayler are willing to be anyone's minions, provided it serves our short-term needs. We've reached the point, however, where short-term needs can be met in other ways, and where long-term needs (world domination, for instance) are ill-served by hiding under someone else's corporate umbrella.

Also, we found that Steve Jackson Games and Warehouse23 have ties to The Illuminati, who claim to already BE ruling the world. As aspiring global overlords, we can learn much from these Illuminati, which is why months ago we handed our merchandising operation to Warehouse23.

Granted, the Illuminati will be watching us closely, ready to beat us down should we climb the rungs of global power too quickly. This is easy to deal with -- several illuminati are already addicted to Schlock Mercenary, which grants us a measure of control over their behavior they are barely aware of, and certainly afraid to admit to.

You may think I've already said too much. You may decide to take this information and fight your future global master. That's fine. You do that. Your first step is to break free of the mental controls placed on you. Stop reading Schlock Mercenary... if you can...


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