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Buh-bye, trackbacks

Waffle has been hit hard by trackback spam in the past couple of days. Now, I could respond to this by trying again to set up MT-Blacklist and fix whatever prevents it from working as it should, but frankly, the blog gets very few legitimate trackback pings, and in any case, I'm no longer as interested in blogospheric juju as I was a year ago or so. So the easy way out for me is to disable trackbacks altogether, strip the trackback ping code out of the templates, and give the spammers the finger for good. I won't get a cool Technorati profile or a high place in the Blog Ecosystem with that attitude, but the sad spectacle of seeing bloggers whine about how "nofollow" would destroy blogging as we know it has lead me to believe that that aspect of the blogging experience is profoundly stupid and childish anyway. So gone are trackbacks, and good riddance. The archive pages will be leaner for the lack of all that stuff hidden in them.

The one reason to have trackbacks at all is to allow your readers to find interesting blogs that way. Since no interesting blogs ever ping this one, I don't see why I should expose the site to massive abuse in the vain hope of that ever happening.


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