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The horrific phallus

Just got my art guidelines for the Anthrocon art show. Behold their rules about what must go in the "mature" gallery:

"Any depiction of excessive violence or bloodshed, such as bloody massacres, someone being eaten alive, body parts blown away, murder victims lying in a pool of blood"

"Full frontal nudity"

"Exposed genitalia"

"Visible erections, even if partially hidden by clothing"

"Any depiction of sexual acts, except as outright prohibited below"

(these being images appearing to depict child or human/non-anthro porn.)

I'm not surprised, of course. Nor does it matter to me, as fuzzballs don't fit any of these categories.

But once again it highlights the inexplicable hysteria surrounding sex. All right, it's not inexplicable, it's to make sure no child, under any circumstances, can see something curious that will lead them to ask their parents an EMBARRASSING QUESTION! God forbid a child want to know why that wolfman has a big bulge in his trousers.

But the violent things they're describing are downright scary! Which implies that the things that come after it are equally scary. That is to say, they have the potential to distress and upset viewers and therefore must be locked away. I think it's sad that a "visible erection" must be a cause for alarm instead of joy.

I also wonder at the lumping-together of these extremely violent pictures and the sex pictures. What if I went in to see the nude beasties, but was confronted by scenes of carnage? Why am I assumed to be able to deal with images of terrible mutilation just because I am keen to see a penis?

I know all the real answers, of course. It's to prevent complaints and legal action, and who has the time or resources to set up the Room of Gore and the Room of Earthly Delights separately?

But in lumping these things together as Forbiddens, it sends a terrible message about naughty bits. All the violent things mentioned are considered terrible crimes. If an erection is as Forbidden as a mutilation, good heavens, it must be a dreadful thing!

Save us! It's a penis!


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