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While emptying out the contents of a cardboard box that had been cluttering up my flat for some time and that I wanted to throw out, I found a peak flow meter from an asthma medicine trial I took part in some 7 or 8 years ago. A peak flow meter is a tube you blow in, which then tells you the peak output of your lungs. It was the only thing from the box I didn't end up throwing away; instead, I washed it and then had a tootle. So I can now announce to the blogosphere that my peak flow is 600 liters per minute. That's a pretty good result: it's very close to my top result during the trial, it indicates a normal lung capacity and shows that my lung capacity hasn't shrunk since taking the trial, despite living and working in environments that are really too dusty for me and my allergies (I'm working on it!). Then again, the dust causes me to sneeze a lot, possibly maintaining that capacity.
Over the years I've occasionally considered taking part in another trial some time, whether for money or for the good of the asthma-suffering population. I always learn something about my health, and I get to keep stuff like that peak flow meter.


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