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A few temporary URLs

Modern Tales is back up, but DNS isn't resolving quite rightly yet. Here are the places to go, for now.

Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan on Modern Tales. The full archive view isn't working yet. Subscribers can page back on a chapter by chapter basis though.
Courtly Manners on Modern Tales. Ditto.

Timm and Adam's Dangerous and Fluffy is on Graphic Smash, whose DNS is resolving normally. The problem with the archive views applies though.

Yesterday, in the text below the ROCR comic, I encouraged readers to subscribe to get to the archived goodies. As it happens, Modern Tales isn't quite ready to take on new subscribers again (and I haven't had the time yet to re-enter the remastered comics into the new database). But if you like these comics, think about it, OK? There's a lot of good stuff in the archives, delivered in easy to read elevator scroll pages which would be too costly to deliver in an advertising-based model, and it keeps the artists fed so they can make more comics.
And if you're in Europe, it's hella cheap! Come on, use the Power of the Euro to buy stuff cheaply! You want to!


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