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To do for week 15

I may have trouble getting five Courtly Mannners updates done next week. My to-do list for the next week:

  • Prepare for Clickburg on May 1, where I will have a stand and will be holding a talk. This involves:
    • putting together visuals for the talk;
    • Finding a CMS for the comics I'll be presenting through a server provided by Mithandir, who will also be present there;
    • Massaging my comics files to fit the CMS (I expect that this will be the most time consuming, but not as time consuming as coding 800 web pages by hand);
    • creating templates for the CMS;
    • putting some thought into table layout and decoration.
  • Create the second edition of the Stripmuseum Webcomics exhibit in time for Clickburg, where it will be displayed. This involves gathering up material and biographies, coding up a handful of webpages and testing out a Kiosk mode for Mozilla so I can use that on the museum's machines instead of Internet Explorer. That last bit is optional, though.
  • Make a number of business related phone calls relating to non-webcomics work in the second half of the year.

Those things together can take a lot of time, and they can destroy the 4-hour blocks that I need in order to do substantial work on any individual comic episode, so the episodes for Thursday and Friday may end up being delayed. I don't want to delay them because I want Courtly Manners #2 wrapped up before Clickburg, but the activities above will have to take priority. There are three Courtly Manners installments in the can though, so I can guarantee those and will run them as if I'm maintaining a Monday-Friday schedule. After that, we'll see how far we get.


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