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This is probably uncollegial and unsporting of me

... but I tried to get into fellow Clickie nominee Han Hoogerbrugge's Hotel and all I got out of it was confirmation of my prejudice that Flash is really only good for crude political satire with squirrels in it.

That's not to say there isn't some interesting stuff going on, visually, but for me, it's not enough to justify sitting through the whole thing, alternately waiting for the next thing to happen or hunting for things to click on. And the repetitive music drives me nuts!

I've always thought that the point of interactivity was to give the audience more control over their experience of the work. This just makes me feel lost and frustrated. Give me singing squirrels any day.

Edit: As a fellow Clickie nominee I must protest.
It is also great for putting a frog in a blender.

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