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So, what am I going to do next?

It just had to happen. Just after yesterday's angsty ramble on extended hiatuses, Wednesday White on Websnark posted a commendation of Jeffrey Rowland's terse notice:

OC for Wednesday will not be available due to an issue regarding an event.


See, folks? THIS is how it's done. Not with paragraphs, not
with angsting...

Well, this one's going have paragraphs again, and maybe some angsting. But it will also have a point. Because I deliberately left the point hanging in that other post.

The point is, I can't go on like this for another five years and expect to go on producing quality work. I'm going to have to change the way I do things, allowing myself time to plan stories, eliminate bad ideas before I'm halfway through drawing them and generally organise things so I don't get swamped in the work.

Having been doing regular updates for almost five years, and having made that an important part of my life all that time, I think I've got reason to angst about it. The changes will undoubtedly involve leaving comfortable routines behind. But I've done that before, and ended up better off than I was. So that's all right.

That's not to say that I'm *definitely* going to change *anything*. I'm going to take time off to think about what I need to do next. And I'm heartened to find that those of you who have replied have been very supportive of the idea that I may not keep to a reliable schedule in the future, and of the idea of filling time with archival stuff.

Reader sford wrote:

The vast majority of your fans do have attention spans longer than a gnat's. Maybe even longer than a house fly. I, for one, will periodically re-check sites that are completely without any updates at all for months at a time .

Throw us a bone every two or three weeks, and we'll patiently await your return. If you want to try your hand at something new, we'll try it along with you. You've banked up a lot of capital with "The Rite of Serfdom" and you can afford to spend some of it.

One thing that you are right about is that I haven't seen the "old" archives; if it hasn't been on the main page, I probably haven't seen it. I suspect many others are in the same boat. So re-runs are a perfectly viable way to keep us from revolting while you recharge your batteries...

And so far, that's been typical. So I feel strengthened in my resolve to go into reruns while thinking things over. However, I won't rerun "Guðrún" - Strange though it may seem, rerunning that in anything other than its original, jaggy off-white form would take too much work still. What I am going to do instead is run an older story that very few of my current readers will have seen: "The Stone of Contention". That story actually has a bit of webcomics history associated with it: it was first published online, in an even cruder form than the original edition of "Guðrún", between 1994 and 1996! That version has long disappeared from the web, but late in 2003 I started thinking about bringing it back, and scanned and processed more than half of the storyline. I'll need to re-do a bit because I'm anal-retentive, but other than that, it's weeks and weeks of free productivity!
And I'm feeling pretty good about the idea. I've already found that simply mentioning the story, and saying "Dude! Webcomics history!" opens doors that had been frustratingly shut for years.
The only thing I'm still thinking about is whether to publish it as a weekday or a full daily comic. At 7 episodes a week, it would last three months, which at least one reader has privately told me might not be enough. I think I'm willing to chance it though.
So that's what you're getting. Three months of moldie oldies, I mean Dude! Webcomics history!


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