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Albo Helm's comics

Since I've already blathered on at great length about my own comic in this blog over the past year, and won't add anything to what I've already said about my friend Jeroen's Shadow other than that you can now read it for free, there's only one Clickie contender in the "Epic" category left to discuss.

The work on Albo Helm's site is of a very high quality, but for the purposes of the contest I think it has two counts against it. One is that it isn't really a single epic - It's a collection of unrelated stories and more than a few gag comics. The jury should really have picked a single story to nominate. The other is that a lot of the material on display wasn't made for the web, and it shows. I'm no purist, you'll understand. About a quarter of all the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan material ever published on the web wasn't made especially for it, and this fraction will go up once I start on the publication of The Stone of Contention. But it was carefully adapted to the web: the lettering enlarged in proportion to what I'd have done in print, images endlessly massaged until they'd look good on screen. I miss that aspect in Albo's work. Like many of Donna Barr's early comics scanned for the web, much of the work on Albo's site doesn't read well (Donna learned quickly though, and the web versions of storylines like "Bosom Enemies" read very well on the web indeed).
That said, it's appealing stuff! I'd already seen Würzeln in print back in '99, but Oudegracht and Mouth Almighty both justify Albo's nomination.


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