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Who/where/what am I?

(Via Shot By Both Sides, which I will take the trouble to visit even if Bloglines isn't working).
According to , I am somewhat to the right on economic matters and pretty far to the left on social issues. This translate into a match with the Green Party, which I'm about as pleased with as SBBS's John Band must be with his match with the Conservative Party.
Oh, wait...

By the way, Chris's own explanation of the survey is well worth a read, and made me laugh a few time by its references to policital stereotypes. From reading it, I get the idea that UKIP have no real reason for existing: on their core issues, their core voters put the same answers as voters for the Conservatives. For historical reasons, many people in Britain don't trust the Tories no matter how much they agree with them on substantive issues. But in the long run, one of the two parties will have to go.


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