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Arr, a two-parter!

Episode 4 was another solid one, written by Russel T. Davies again. It's the first of a series of at least two parts, so I won't comment too much on the plot. Instead I want to propose an alternative ratings system for the episodes. Instead of using points out of 10, I want to rate episodes on the basis of postulating a family with a mom, a dad and, let's say five kids ranging from 4 to 12 with two years between each of them. Out of these, the number of kids cowering behind the sofa will be the rating. I reckon at the end of this one, it got 4 out of 5.

It will be possible to get more than 5 out of 5, but this will not be a good thing. If Dad also cowers behind the sofa, the episode gets 6, meaning it really is unsuitable for family viewing as apparently some people have complained. Because Mom has given birth to five children, it will be assumed she fears nothing, so six out of five is the maximum any episode can get.

The look on Rose's face after she'd been ranting on how she was the only human ever to have seen alien civilisations and the spaceship showed up was priceless. So was the Doctor's expression resembling that of a baby who'd just been given candy.


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