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Godspeed, No Stereotypes!

No Stereotypes (no link because I haven't got one handy right now for reasons mentioned below) is leaving Modern Tales. This was supposed to be a bit of a secret, but the crash of late March ate the NS archives and forced creator Amber "glych" Greenlee's hand. She has now admitted her intentions on the forum.
No Stereotypes joined Modern Tales about six months after Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan did, with a restart of the main storyline. And now it's gone already. Kind of makes me wonder if Modern Tales is delivering the goods, really.

Uhm, don't get me wrong, here. I have no plans to take my comic off Modern Tales. However, I do pay attention to what else is going on in the world of webcomics, and don't want to rule it out either. After all, Schlock Mercenary is doing well as a free comic supported by a combination of Google Adsense and merchandise.
My comic is not Schlock. And I'm not Howard Tayler. I can't use his success to predict success for myself if I try to follow his path. In fact, much of my thinking about the future of ROCR has gone in the opposite direction: away from a working life spent feeding the beast that is a regularly-updating webcomic, towards a more thoughtful, considered way of writing, drawing and publishing my work. Which may be what Amber has in store for herself.
Anyway, if in the course of thinking it over, ROCR has better chances outside Modern Tales than inside, in any way, shape or form, I will not rule out moving out. I won't rule it in either. It's in my nature to have second thoughts about absolutely everything, and this is no exception.


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