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Sketchy comics next week

You'd think that what with the recent ending of a major storyline, the workload resulting from my preparations for Clickburg, (both on my own behalf and that of the Comics Museum in Groningen who want an update to the exhibit), my illness, energy spent planning for the future and the bottom falling out of my motivation to update on time rigorously right now, I'd be happy to let both Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan and Courtly Manners slide for a week or two. But you'd be wrong. Seeing a hundred new readers a day come in via Fokke & Sukke has made me itch to put something new on the site regularly, even if it's just a little filler. Just so that they know that it isn't dead or dying, that it is in fact supposed to update regularly (and will, again, after Clickburg).
So I've decided to do a little improvised ROCR-derived comic in pencils. Freed from the restrictions of ink, quality paper, canon and high expectations, I'll try to keep drawing times to about an hour a page, and just make it up as I go along for a week or so. The first one's already done, and it looks like it's gonna be fun. See you on Monday with new comics!

PS. They won't actually be sketchy. Tightly penciled is a better term. Except they're not actually - oh, just read them starting Monday, OK?


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