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More Dr. Who

It seems to be final: David Tennant is to be the tenth Doctor. I can't remember having seen him perform, but he's got a good enough face for it. It's weird discussing the successor while enjoying new episodes still, of the current Doctor. And I am enjoying it. As for the number of people behind the couch count Reinder suggested, I would guess at least 2, with a third ready to dive behind it. The special effects where quite decent, the aliens a bit too funny and not scary enough maybe. But that's nitpicking. Scariest part of the episode by far: the chance that that, er, Ricky-bloke might join Rose and the Doctor. That got me on the edge of my seat, and I'm sure the neighbours are wondering where that "Noooooooo!" came from.

On the preview of the next episode: I'm sure every Dr.Who fan can't wait to see the Daleks return, even if it be just a cameo as a museum piece (which I fear it will be).

Wondering about past Doctors and villains? Here's a silly game to help you remember, or stir your curiousity.


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