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... but do they have a sofa?

The BBC have clearly taken my advice: They've lined up a panel of children to test the new Doctor Who episodes for the fear quota. Their ages range neatly from 4 to 12, pretty close to what I suggested. No word on whether the kids have a sofa to hide behind.

This "Adam" is clearly a kindred spirit:

(Auntie Beeb): What do you like most about Doctor Who?

Adam: I like the way the Doctor has to hit the TARDIS with a hammer. And it was funny how the MP kept saying her name.

And from the second installment of "The Fear Forecast", for the latest episode:

(18) Adam writes down the UNIT password - that will obviously come in handy at some stage.

The BBC uses Fear Factor Ratings going from 1 to 5.

(Via Jeroen)


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