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A quick reminder about the filler comics

I'm getting some concerned responses in the mail because of the recent switch to penciled filler comics. Just to clarify:
1. I'm mostly cured from my last cold. While these affect me harder than they do most people, they're not the main reason I'm posting work I can do quickly.
2. The main reason is that my time is taken up by non-comics work - preparation for Clickburg. I normally need two solid blocks of at least 4 hours to do the inked and coloured comics, and I haven't got blocks like that right now. Yes, I'm slow. I'm trying to get faster, but if it involves drawing animals like in the Courtly Manners Unicorn Race and doing so at a decent standard, I'm not going to be fast no matter what I do.
3. I wouldn't be posting comics at all right now if it wasn't for the 100 or so readers coming in each day from Fokke & Sukke. I wasn't really motivated to do the regular update thing but when you get that kind of influx, the least you can do is have some updating content up there so they don't think it's a stalled website.

I still need far longer for the penciled things than you'd think. This is partly because the technique I'm using is a bit unfamiliar to me still. But at least I can do them in one smallish block of time instead of two large ones. And I will get better at producing decent art this way. Eventually.


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