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High Powered Corporate Hemichordate!

Reinder showed me a clipart of one of those Dynamic Businessmen on Barry's Clipart Server (www.barrysclipart.com), but I got bored of the people so I had a peek in the animals category instead.

And what did I find there? A clip art of a hemichordate!

What particularly impressed me was that despite the fact a very limited number of people in the world actually know what a hemichordate *is*, the artist had rendered it accurately enough for me to recognise it, even though its proboscis wasn't so phallic as to make me shout "penis worm!" (see image from my invertebrate zoology textbook, below...) They've even drawn the hepatic sacs!

I also like this swimming gastropod (not sure whether it's a nudibranch..) But it's clearly been engaging in kleptoplasty, the practice of nicking useful things out of other organisms' tissues and sticking them in your own. It's full of chlorophyll from the green algae it's been eating. Now it can photosynthesize for itself!

Is this intended as a hint to ambitious businessmen?


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