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And the Worse than Microsoft award for this week goes to

... OpenOffice.org's presentation software, for turning an unfinished but functional presentation into a mess of broken images. And this two days before I'm due to talk at Clickburg. Because making the presentation was torture in the first place, I am disinclined to do the work again. After all, the software might destroy my work again once I close it.
I don't like working with Microsoft products, and Powerpoint gets quite a bit of flak, but I do remember from my days working a Respectable Day Job (*crosses self in the hope of never going back to those days*) that it was easy to learn and use and actually saved what you made. This open-source knockoff doesn't even get those basic requirements right. Oh well, at least the word processor is good enough. I use the word processor a lot and the presentation software basically never.

The one good thing about this situation is that I get to post the Zdenek Burian illustrations I was going to use. Burian's images of prehistoric life forms are a bit dated now, but they captivated me as a child, and I still like them a lot.






Yes, I was going to talk about the prehistory and evolution of webcomics. How did you guess? It would have been corny, but in a good way. And I think I'd have been able to restrain myself from making cracks about today's comics fans when that last picture came on screen.


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