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WCCA 2005

The nominations round for the 2005 Web Cartoonist's Choice Awards are about to start on May 8. You may remember that last year, I was a bit down on the whole thing, but this year, after the Clickie nomination, I've got a bit more of a taste for it again. I've come to accept that awards, like sausage and government policy, are things that you don't want to look at while they're being made; but at the same time, the end result is sometimes worthwhile. In other words, I wouldn't mind winning one of those.
The WCCAs are a peer award, meaning that to nominate or vote for someone you have to be a webcartoonist or webcomics writer yourself. So, if you're a webcartoonist, and you like Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan, or Dangerous and Fluffy or Capn or Courtly manners or any of the other comics made by the five people posting on Waffle, do us a favour: register for the award and nominate us for any category you see fit in the first round. You may well qualify for one or more awards yourself!
I have registered. Don't worry, I won't nominate my own work. But I will shill for my own work this year.


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