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What I learned today

Qtorrent reguires PyQT requires qscintilla requires sip requires python-devel requires python. If your existing python version is too low, the dependency chain will break and you will not be able to download "Dalek". This will lead to unholy swearing and general unhappiness, especially after earlier attempts using Gnutella also failed*).
There are solutions for this problem, but they don't work.**)
As for the official bittorrent client, the instructions for it refer to a setup file that does not appear to be included in the package. How did this system become so popular, again?

*) To be precise: after two installs of different Gnutella clients failed and an attempt at downloading "Dalek" with a third, Mutella stalled the moment I turned my back on the home machine and left for the studio.
*) To be precise: I could install a higher version of Python or install a lower version of python-devel that's still high enough to support sip. The former would undoubtedly lead me deeper into dependency hell. The latter depends on picking the right RPM package (compiling from source, while a good habit in itself, is not a solution here and is something I'm only prepared to do on a system that's up to date) out of a hundred thousand available. That would be a python-devel 2.2 or 2.3 for SuSE 9.0, and neither the new improved SuSENovell site nor RPMfind have been helpful.


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