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The Long Game

Well, it had Simon Pegg (of Shaun of the Dead fame), and it had zombies. Apart from that, this was a very average Doctor Who episode. There was tension, there was humor, there were bodily functions (yes, it does rather look like Russell T. Davies is obsessed with them. Check "vomiting" off the list) and there was a coded political message about media manipulation and deception. It was, on the whole, fun, and it looked like the lead characters were having fun. But compared to the previous ep it wasn't special. Not as ... taut. Decently written though, with all the different characters' actions well-managed, tracked and motivated. With the temporary companion added for just this episode, we're seeing Rose as the experienced one, and she has clearly grown a lot. I enjoyed the Doctor's impatience with the new kid, and with the less-than-curious Journalist. The giant alien failed to be scary though, for all its teeth and caged-animal movement.

Next week's episode will feature the Grandfather Paradox. In "The Long Game" it was narrowly averted, but we will see it, and it will cause the Doctor to refer to humans as apes.
Also, nearly credible rumour has it that we haven't actually seen the last of the homicidal dustbins yet. But that's for later in the season..


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