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Dalekanium TARDIS?

I was going to keep this bit of speculation to myself for a while, but Behind the Sofa Again is dropping dark hints:

I notice on the BBC website they've updated the data we have for episode 12.

Now do I give a spoiler, or hint cryptically and infuriate everyone by not linking? Hmmmmmm... well, for readers of this blog it shouldn't be too difficult to work it out. The writing's on the wall for this one... or should that be the TARDIS? (Yeah, that's opaque enough to keep them going for a while, I fancy.)

I have no idea which BBC Doctor Who page Thomas is referring to, but there is something odd about the TARDIS. I'm not familiar with the older designs but I've seen pictures, and even compared to the "steampunk" design of the TV movie, it looks fundamentally different to me. And in the light of last week's episode where the point is made that the Doctor would "make a good Dalek"...

Well, doesn't the design look a bit Dalek-y? It's dome-shaped, with a rounded console with a stack of rounded-edged discs on top, and has a similar bronzy gleam. The roundels look a bit like the knobs on the Dalek carapace, and there's an organic being inside in the form of the Doctor himself.

Fascinating. Perhaps the TARDIS was rebuilt out of scavenged Dalek materials after the Time War in which the Daleks and the Timelords were both all but completely exterminated. And this could have its effects later in the series.


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