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Oh, Doctor, what shall we do?

I have seen one episode of the new Who, and I liked it very much. It's coming on tv here very soon, so I can see the rest. :)

As previously mentioned, the new Who is great because the monsters are actually scary, the music is actually atmospheric and the women are like real people.

I find it hard to believe that women in the 60s or whenever the old Whos I've been seeing on the ABC were made.. (checks.. oh, good heavens, they're up to the 70s??) ..were really like that. But I also find it hard to believe that every single female who has been on the series to date is just a bad actor.

I even have trouble figuring out what it *is* about them that's so wrong. It's like they're sooky and wimpy, but that's not quite it, because then they'd be squealing for rescue at every frightening situation they got themselves in..

I saw a Tom Baker episode the other day with Romana, who's a female Time Lord, and she knows what she's about, she's no fool. But she seemed to have the "quality" too. The only moment I can maybe point to was when she got thrown into a dungeon, she was sort of marched along the corridor and told what they wanted her to do, and she said no, so they marched her in with the Prince and it turned out she was meant to be his nurse coz he was dying from being locked up. But the whole time, she just sort of let herself get choofed over here, and marched into there, and didn't put up any sort of struggle, or look viciously thwarted by the fact they were holding weapons (I think they were) or *anything*!

No fire, maybe that's it. No... *something*. Surely women weren't really like that?


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