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I owe Geir an apology

I've been able to get today's Courtly Manners done and uploaded in mid-afternoon, which shows that I'm making them slightly faster than I strictly need to, but not fast enough to have time to build a buffer. I suppose I could, but only if I was willing to work late on a regular basis, which for now I am not. Much better to allow myself to relax and let the quality climb back up again.
And in relation to that problem, I have to apologise to Geir for not involving him in changes to the script for Monday's episode, today's, and any episodes that will follow right to the end. I haven't deviated from the substance of Geir's script, yet, but I've eliminated a lot of voice-over stuff, slowed the pacing, split the action into far more panels than was originally indicated and also made the rhino veer to the left instead of the right, because the racers were going clockwise and the Queen's box is inbetween the seats. It was the only way I could go on doing the comic at all, really. The script in its original form was great fun to draw at the start, but as the race progressed, I realised that I couldn't figure out how to draw the action as described. There was too much stuff going on, and the angles, movement and division of the space were too far removed from the way I "see" a comic in my head. So both the quality of the work and my motivation for tackling the next page dropped precipitously in the 9 or so pages I drew after the story started running on the websites. The only way out for me has been to redo the script, making it my own. Monday's page, at least, was better than last Friday's, and I think today's is better than Monday's.

I may need to do more to the script, though, although there will be time for me to discuss that with Geir. Especially the near-disappearance of those demon things from the plot after they were introduced rather emphatically on page 3 kind of bugs me.

Looking back at my own work with Geir, I've clearly had this problem before. Several White House in Orbit stories start out well-drawn only to become a complete shambles towards the end. Time we both learned from that. On the other hand, I've done some of my best work with Geir.


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