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I could exterminate a whole box of those

One more in the build-your-own-Dalek series: living_yen at the Livejournal New Who community has spent her afternoon playing Davros, building Daleks out of goo, chocolate and English Licorice Allsorts. I could do without the latter, but two out of three still looks pretty tasty. I'm sure someone will come up with a recipe that doesn't include the yucky candy.

Meanwhile, Jeroen sent me a link to Übercollector Richard Holden who clearly doesn't need a life as he's having so much fun collecting and making Who-related stuff.

But there's always someone nuttier, and the folks at Doctor Who Devious qualify. They've spent two decades of their lives making a Doctor Who movie with their lead actor, Tony Garner as the "Two-and-a-halfth Doctor":

The Doctor featured in "Devious - Halfway to Oblivion" has been extracted against his will from his time-stream midway though the regeneration between his second and third 'selves'.

This Doctor finds himself in unfamilar surroundings with a jumble of memories. His past seems newly-created. Stumbling to make sense of these strange memories, he is drawn ever closer to "The Test". One he must complete in a certain way - or face Oblivion.

They've been pretty smart about the project: the script explains away the aging of the main characters between the shooting sessions, done over more than a decade. And they've been noticed by the BBC! Their Tardis interior and Daleks were used in the Rowan Atkinson Comic Relief Doctor spoof "The Curse of the Lethal Death", and they've shot cameo appearances by Anneke Willis and Third Doctor Jon Pertwee. They must be doing something right. Oh, and they link to other groups making fan movies, including an aborted Dalek movie.


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