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Work update

Good news about the buffer and the side projects! I'm making great progress. Here's what I've been up to:
  • Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan now has two months' worth of buffer. How did I do that? Why, by cheating! I've finally started carrying out the plan I mentioned in April: the next ROCR storyline will be "The Stone of Contention" a story originally completed in 1996. I'm still a bit worried that it might not go down too well with the casual readership, but the responses to that earlier postings indicated that there is interest in the earlier stories. Also it does look rather good now that I've polished the scans up a bit. Also it has Tamlin in it. Also there will be no interruptions to the schedule at all. Regular as clockwork it will be, for months on end. Press releases to follow.
  • I've added some items to my Deviant Art gallery. Most of it is stuff regular readers will have seen before in the blog or the regular galleries, but there are some new items related to "Contention" and the latest Courtly Manners storyline:
    Courtly ThumbnailCover art for Courtly Manners #2: The Unicorn Race
    The Stone of Contention coverCover art for The Stone of Contention. This is new art made especially for the online publication. It's unusual for me to be able to make cover art for an online series, so I'm pleased that I've been able to do so this time.
    bad hair day promoNew promo art for the series, for use on Modern Tales. I've also made a few new ads to run on the various websites carrying the Open Ad Network.

    I've also put online all the various fan art pieces I made for the Elf Life webcomic over the years: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
    So far, DeviantArt hasn't been as good as I expected it to be. I don't quite understand why the personal index page doesn't update when I add new art, and the categorisation isn't too flexible for individual users - it's quite thorough from the point of view of the system as a whole though. What surprised me most is the Browse Recent Deviations page. It updates so fast that the only way to keep up is to glance at the page, open interesting items in a new tab and then click on "Next". If you take more time than that, "Next" will bring up the same images you just saw, or images that are newer than the ones you were looking at previously. I can just about keep up. If I go to "Browse" immediately after uploading a new image, it will be halfway down the page!
  • I have also continued work on the Chronicles of the Witch Queen site. I can now report that we do have Daniel Østvold on board, so I can use the site to publish all Witch Queen stories including the ones that he drew. And he expects to be able to finish another long story this summer!
    I don't know when the first story will start running. When it does, though, it will run on weekdays as well. At that pace, the website should be able to run smoothly for a year without a missed update. And when it's done, all the Queen Elspeth-related stories will have a home where they are coherently presented. The site will be free to the readers, by the way, including Courtly Manners when it's that series' time to appear within the COTWQ chronology.
  • I have added six more remastered comics to the Guðrún archives, this time to The Embassy. I was going to wait until the chapter was finished, but what with the latest computer problems, I've decided to just publish that sort of material as soon as I can.
  • I've added a page to the X!Gloop archive and will add some more this weekend. X!Gloop will be low priority, but I'll try to run it as a weekend comic whenever possible. It's not as if I have to draw new material for it...
  • Finally, I've signed up for another year of Floor. Let's hope that the ideas will flow freely!


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