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A webdesign problem...

Starting next week, Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan will feature graphics that are 800 pixels wide. Adapting the current website layout, sidebars and all, to that is doable, but leads to a problem with the archives, in which there are comic graphics that are 650 pixels wide, 550 pixels wide, 480 pixels wide...widening the content area to fit 800-pixel graphics will leave big ugly gaps on those archive pages.
This is solvable in many ways. I may return to liquid layout, get rid of the sidebar (putting most of the links contained therein into the area below the comic), or find a way to hide the whitespace in the archives. I may even publish larger versions of the oldest comics although I'd recommend against holding your breath waiting for that to happen.
I have a hard time imagining a liquid layout that doesn't annoy people while moving between pages in the archives. I think I have a basic design that will retain two-column layout, but I may run into difficulties. I'll spend Saturday and maybe Monday trying things out - the site may look a bit funny although most of my testing will take place in a specially-built Movable Type site. The new layout has to go live on Wednesday, so I'm well overdue working on it.
I know that there are people out there with strong opinions, so if you fancy commenting on important webdesign issues or giving advice, feel free to post on the forum or email me at reinder@despammed.com.

Other work stuff:
I've uploaded and configured the X!Gloop comics so that, based on a weekends-only schedule, it's buffered until the end of July. It's some of my oldest work online, and I'm actually quite excited about it. Even if only 50 people bother to read it, that's twice as many readers as it had when the minicomic first came out.
I'm discussing the layout and general design of the Chronicles of the Witch Queen website with Daniel and Geir, and also thinking about ways to make the subscription feature on the site mean something. Right now, the Courtly Manners archives are subscription-based, but this is only because I'm still under contract with Modern Tales. Eventually, they'll become free, but I might put some temporary extra things on the site so that people have an incentive to send me a few bucks. I could use them. It would have to be done on the understanding that subscriptions on the site would not last forever and could be canceled by me at any time - reducing the subscriptions to a glorified donation scheme. [By the way: I've called the WCN way of doing things "inflexible" with regard to website design recently. For my purposes it is. But in this forum thread, webcartoonist Ghastly argues that for his purposes, WCN is a lot more flexible than other hosting/automation solutions. It all depends on your aims and your strategy.]
I'm also keen to do something about the design of the Gallery, the non-DeviantArt one. It's a bit of a bother to customise because it's such a rat's nest of nested tables. But I'd really like to have a decent links sidebar in there. It's had a few updates, by the way. I like the DeviantArt site for outreach, but for the regular readers, the old Gallery is nicer.
I still have to write press releases, file my tax returns (the extended deadline is fast approaching), write at least one Floor before the 21st and draw at least one before the 28th (yikes!)
I have to do logo and promo graphics for X!Gloop and Chronicles.
And I'm way behind on the CD and video reviews for this blog!
In other words, the pressure is back on. And probably not a minute too soon. I get lazy when there isn't any pressure...


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