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Bad Wolf

... now that was actually rather gripping. It could have been the one where we fans would all gather around in an angry mob, descending on Russel T. Davies' house to set his testicles on fire, and believe me, I was not the one who made that phrase up.

But it wasn't. For all the potential awfulness of having the episode set in a TV station broadcasting twisted caricatures of The Weakest Link, What Not To Wear and Big Brother, it worked. And the slow introduction of the Enemy Who Must Not Be Named worked as well and was a credit to Joe Ahearne's direction. Plus a few bona-fide scares including the moment when Rose gets a face full of disintegrator ray - all in all it had me on the edge of my seat even though I'd had much of it spoiled in the weeks before the episode went on air.

It's not quite the one where we gather in an ecstatic crowd to strew Russell T. Davies' path with rose petals and offer him sexual favours either, though. It's only the first half of a two-parter, the second part of which which still has the potential to be testicle-arson-inducingly awful. We'll see how the leader of the Enemy Who Must Not Be Named turns out to be interpreted this time around. One week 'till judgment day!


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