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A quick note on webdesign

The new webdesign on rocr.net was ready to go live earlier than expected (now that's a change), but there are a few things that still need to be fixed.
The work was actually rather fun (another surprise), but I do count webdesign as one activity that I shouldn't do for too long at a time. Today, I snapped at a reader who emailed me with questions and screenshots which showed that it looked very different for him than it did for me. Eventually, it turned out that this was simply a matter of the reader reloading the stylesheet, but my reaction showed that it was time to get away from the redesign project for a while. It's functional, tested in Opera, Firefox and (buuerk) IE. I expect that recent, reasonably standards-compliant web browsers won't have much trouble showing the site, and people using other browsers may notice some oddities below the fold if they bother to look, but nothing that breaks the core function of the website: to show the latest comics and the free archives.

I do wish I could figure out how to close the gap between the blog and the link list, though. Expanding the dimensions or the padding on any of the blocks involved has the effect of pushing the blog out of its place in the middle on at least one browser, which is not what I want. I suspect it's very simple, but I don't see it.

Apart from that, I don't think I need to do much except copyfitting: cutting down the space for the blog and lengthening the two other columns. That's doable.


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