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Tangents reviews Ancient ROCR

Robert A. Howard at Tangents reviews the ongoing archival Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan storyline "The Stone of Contention":

Reinder shows his skills as both a storyteller and someone who can tell a humorous story here. The thing is, this story is a decade old. I don't know how much Reinder did (I think he had the old scans still on disk, but he might have rescanned the old artwork itself which shows he takes far better care of his older works than I did mine *grin* And he had to translate them into English while making it funny...) to get them up to this level of quality, but I have to say this is absolutely superb work.

I can answer that: I keep everything I draw. Recent attempts at eliminating clutter in my living room have got me motivated to throw away some scraps of paper with crappy doodles on them, but even that was done with extreme reluctance. I hoard my own art.

"Contention", though, wasn't scanned from the originals, which are very large and are in a cupboard in my bedroom, hidden by several dozen kilos worth of other originals in the same drawer. The comics pages you see now were scanned from the print version's master book, back in 2003, before I got the A3 scanner. I have re-drawn many of the word balloons on the computer - it's easy to see which were and which weren't redone. The pages were re-lettered late in 2003, when I did just over half the work needed. All pages are scanned but they're only lettered up to page 26. Prior to putting the comics in the various update queues, I looked over them again and made some more corrections. The drawings themselves are not altered apart from a few very small digital corrections, making lines clearer by closing gaps in them. I expect to have to redraw one or two panels in the final section of the story, when my art became very sloppy and unfocused, but that's just about it.

I have vague plans for re-running more archival work later on, which is why I recently asked for comments on the forum. Those plans may involve some more work to bring the material up to scratch, but still a lot less than actually working on new material. Right now, I'm enjoying my long break and the freedom to work on my other projects, so I think I'll be digging into the archives for a little while longer.


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