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Tooting his own horn on his stripblog Poepoe, Jean-Marc van Tol of Fokke and Sukke mentions that they ran this cartoon yesterday:

The top caption reads: "Fokke and Sukke finally know the delivery address". Terrorist!Fokke is saying "But we will need the Semtex before 2012". Terrorist!Sukke: "Can you do that?"

On Poepoe, JMvT shows a possible follow-up suggested by a reader, but the FokSuk team has quite sensibly decided to run the cartoon they'd already planned for today.

By the way: I generally agree with Tim Worstall's admonishment to avoid speculation, political point-scoring and unloading barrels full of hate until the dust has settled and the bodies are buried. But I don't think that applies to joking about it. As Nosemonkey puts it:

Cheers for the messages of support. London's grateful. And we're going to keep our heads. Stiff upper lip and all that - wouldn't do to get all emotional. Hardly British - and if we stop being British about it, the bastards have won. So we'll have a few beers, make as many sick jokes about it in pubs up and down the land as we can, and get on with our lives as normal. Other than causing the grief of too many innocent people, these cunts will have achieved precisely fuck all. We shall not be moved.

So I'm quite in favour of having that reader-suggested cartoon on the Poepoe website, or this from John B, or this short message from a fella called Andrew who was very close to one of the blasts:

An open letter

to the terrorist cunts who tried to kill me today:

Fuck you. You missed me. Better luck next time.

It's a way to cope.


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