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Nostra-Dijkhuis takes a flutter, and other stuff

I've added Get Medieval to the short link list on the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan homepages. I've been following it for a while now, and yes, I expect it will end up going places, although we may need to re-define "Going Places" somewhat. Let's see. I predict that it will receive an offer from a major web publisher sometime in the next 12 months (as with Wings of Change, it still counts as a "hit" if the artist turns the offer down), or get a major award or some other significant form of recognition within the comics world within that same time frame.

I'm looking for two other comics I saw on one of my trawls. One was an urban fantasy with fantasy creatures trying to survive in the real world. It had a hilarious scene in which a pixie/fairy mistook a Ken doll for a potential boyfriend. The other had a bit of a 1970s underground feel going, with lots of action, gunplay and a naked blue girl. As I remember, it was a bit rough, but I'd like to keep tabs on it every once in a while to see where it goes. I think both comics were on Keenspace. If you recognise these comics, or are the author of one or both of them, contact me.

While I'm talking comics, I might as well mention that The Lives of X!Gloop updated this weekend, right through a brief outage at Xepher.net, and that The Double by Daniel Østvold and Geir Strøm starts on August 1, on my Webcomicsnation site, Chronicles of the Witch Queen. Soon, there'll be 12 Reinder-Dijkhuis-related webcomics update a week!


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