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Diary of a Mac Man, 3

The tablet is working the way it should now. Good.
I have installed Inkscape and Expression 3.3, so I can do vector art if the fancy takes me.
Installing Inkscape should have been easy but once again I fell pray to documentation inconsistencies relating to open source software. The Inkscape Wiki told me I had to download and install Fink, a package manager, to download, compile, dependency-unHell and install the Mac package. I did, and, then found that installing Fink introduced an inconsistency with some other package, claiming profile information that that other package uses. Fink works, but I have to use it from the directory it lives in. Might as well uninstall it but it's not the neat sort of package that Mac programs use, so it could get complicated. I'm getting a bit wary of installing more open source auxilliary programs for the Mac - they seem to introduce problems like this a lot. The old Unix tools are great to have, but I don't think those newfangled package managers are quite as well-made as the old stallwarts, simply because they don't do what they say they do on my system. Since troubleshooting them is likely to become a bit of a chore, I'd better leave them alone from now on.
Meanwhile, I could find and install a precompiled binary from Inkscape's Sourceforge location and that just works.
I got tipped off by another cartoonist that a Mac version of Expression 3.3 could still be grabbed if you knew where to look. Cool. Last year, I used Expression a few times in Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan, but I never got around to learning it properly. Maybe this time....
Meanwhile, I'm beginning to worry about the hard drive filling up. I neglected to ask for a 60 GB drive, so I got the standard 30 GB drive the iBook shipped with. Now 30 GB can last a long time if you use it judiciously, but one thing I hadn't counted on was the machine shipping with the drive already almost half full! My own installs have added to that, and although I've also removed some software, I wonder if I can cut more.
There's one app I should cut since I'm unlikely to use seriously it in the near future, especially with a disk filling up already. Garageband would probably create huge data files. But... I really want to play with it some time.

Coen from the studio next door dropped by, noticed the new machine and told me it was the same he had. I hadn't noticed:). Lots of people down this corridor have an iBook, so I just might have a support community right here.


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