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Diary of a Mac Man, 4

Today, I cleared some 4 GB off the hard drive in preinstalled stuff, by deleting:
1) The bundled printer drivers;
2) Garage Band and its sample libaries. Having the option of maybe someday playing with the software isn't worth the 2GB it's taking on the HD. Mind you, I do have some use for a sound editing app, but it would have to be one that can skin MIDI files so they sound good rather than one that can multi-track recorded sound.
I've started looking at Expression 3.3 tutorials. To my dismay, a lot of the ones that used to be there have disappeared! It's like there's a company that owns the right to make pencils, and it has decided to stop selling the pencils it makes while working on a new, improved pencil, and suddenly everyone who's been teaching kids how to use pencils decides to wipe the knowledge from their brains! But some tutorials can still be found so I'll work with those and commend the people who have kept them around for not being shortsighted. Studio E3, I salute you!


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