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I needed that!

Yesterday I got to do a few things that I missed out on during the Denmark vacation. They involved another long cycling trip (but on a much-traveled route so I won't bore you with that), spotting seals in the wild, getting stung by jellyfish, getting my blood drained by hornets, getting my food stolen by large, evil-looking gulls, and being told that my swimsuit would fetch a large sum at an online auction for being vintage. Yup, I took a bike/ferry/bike ride to Schiermonnikoog again, with Sidsel and Stephen. And it was good. Could have missed out on the overcrowding in the return ferry (last ride of the day) though, and I'm sure Stephen could have missed out on finding out that his back tire, tube and indeed the whole wheel weren't up to the task of a long trip. Fortunately, that happened with only 7 kilometers to go so his improvised repairs held for long enough to get home.
An afternoon at the beach. I needed that. Now, I think I can get back to work.


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