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Diary of a Mac Man, 5

Not much to report by now. I'm doing an Expression tutorial in the hope of wrapping my mind around the vector-based way of doing things but I could have done that on the PC if I really wanted to.
Tweaks: I figured out how to make the F-keys work right. There's a setting in the Control Panel (or whatever it's called in English - I've set the iBook to talk to me in Dutch) to make F-keys pass on software commands on their own and hardware commands when combined with the Fn key instead of the other way around. Now if I could find out how to make the tab order in web browsers include checkboxes, I'd be satisfied with the keyboard functionality.

Something interesting in iTunes: I copied some MP3s off a CD directly into the iTunes Library directory, some of which were unsorted. I put those in a new directory "Various". After I opened and closed iTunes, these files were re-sorted into neat Artist/Album/ directory trees. A neat trick; I'm sure some usability specialists will argue that this is bad because the files aren't where the user put them. But I don't need the files to be where I put them; I need them where I can find them again, and this way if the organisation is consistent, I will be more able to find them again in a year or so.
I wonder how it's done - if the files are actually moved to new directories or if the Finder uses some sort of virtual folder system on top of the "real" folders ("real" folders don't exist either, as far as I understand - they're pointers in the file system, so ultimately it's not all that relevant. A virtual folder would just be a pointer to a pointer). Probably easy to find out using the Terminal.
I had a quick look at ArtRage, a virtual painting application. It's pretty but my first impression is that it's a bit of a toy although that hasn't stopped some people making complex paintings with it.
I'll probably have a shot at coloring the next Gang of Four comic in Photoshop CS(trial version) on the iBook. The screen is small but it'll do if I check the colors on another monitor at the end.


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